About the Band

The Kings of Belmont are disciples of Rock and Roll. Their performances and recordings conjure prophetic passion and graceful honesty. They command every stage and captivate every audience with an unmistakably genuine and brilliant style of music.  Every performance is distinctive. Just when you think they can’t possibly rock any harder, they take it to another level, leaving mouths agape, and fakers eating dust. Based out of Charlottesville, Va, The KOB is a four-piece featuring a commanding rhythm section, screaming guitars, wailing keys, and crisp vocal harmonies. They’ve been “meltin’ faces on a regular basis” since 2006. Thanks to some recent groundbreaking festival performances, the KOB have been touring relentlessly and developing an increasingly solid and loyal fan base along the way.  They are not just another rock band. They are not a ‘jam band’. They are not a cover-band. They are The Kings of Belmont.  And they are coming to a town near you… Don’t sleep.